I would like to finish this day with incredible solar sail concept.
Here in my blog, I have posted articles about new concept cars, eco-friendly cars, and today I would like to write about this new sail-vessel concept.
I’m very satisfied about the expanding of alternative energy resources, and this boat is the beginning of a new boats generation.
Volitan, is a sail-vessel that doesn’t consume fuel, its name comes from “Flying Fish”. The wings can provide energy from the sun and from wind, the two most and plentiful sources of the earth. It can use the wind power to sail continuous during the day and night. The solar cell panels are positioned on the both sides of the sails made of carbon fiber structure. The solar sails charge the batteries giving power to the electric motors and the side propellers.
The Volitan, has won first prize in the IDA 2007 Design Competition. More pictures after the jump.

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volitan-3.jpg volitan-5.jpg volitan-4.jpg volitan-2.jpg volitan-1.jpg volitan-9.jpg

Image: designnobis