Sometimes when we are writing an article and suddenly we need that special character or symbol… well, we go to map character but it’s not there, it not exist there. But today I can teach you how to make your own symbol or character. You can create over 6.400 exclusive character or symbols.
So, go to Start->Run and here type the following word eudcedit now press OK button.


Now it will appear a box with many spots,  as you can see in this picture. Here you select a spot that you want for the new symbol, then press OK button.

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Now you have tools to draw you symbol, you have line tool, pencil tool, erase tool, circle, square…


As you can see on this picture you are free to draw everything you want.
After you have finished your draw, go to Save Character and it will save it on the spot (in my situation E000) that you have chosen before.


Now if you go to Map Character, you will see your symbol on All Fonts (Private Characters) here you select the symbol and click copy.


Now go to the program that you want to use, (e.g. Excel, Word, Notepad…) there you can paste (Ctrl+V) your symbol.
It’s great isn’t it?


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