In the market there are some application which can help to protect our eyes when we are in front of a PC screen. With the functionality of Night Shift in iOS and recently on macOS, this kind of tool become more well-known in the world, so if you spend nights in front of a PC screen and you start to have your eyes very sleepy, well, F.lux is the right tool for you. F.lux is a fantastic tool for your Windows, Mac or Linux operating system which can remove the blue light emitted by your computer screen, this kind of blue light can cause a tired sensation subconsciously affecting your sleep. So, F.lux will help you to calibrating your screen’s brightness to the rise and fall of the sun in your location, therefore you can sleep better.
With the next Windows 10 update, Microsoft will bring Night Light which will have the same features as F.Lux.

Free Download: flux-setup4