Have you lost a file? PC, laptop other digital devices contain all our personal data and we must keep our data always saved, but sometimes they may be get damaged or might corrupt, or the data could be erased by mistake, well, there could be any reason of this, but the first thing that comes to our head, is how to recover the data.
When some data is deleted, it doesn’t mean that it is totally erased from the PC,was only deleted the reference of the data. Today I bring a fantastic software called Wondershare Data Recovery, this is not free, but it worth all money. This software is user-friendly interface, it has many more features, so, in the beginning you have two ways of searching, “Manual mode” and “Wizard” mode, then you have “Deep Scan” mode, this is the most important task to restore you data, but takes long time to complete, but I think it worth all the time.
You can also scan the recycle bin.
Click on the Start and your now software scan and when the scan finishes it will show you list of the files.
On the left panel, you can select the file types. Check the files you want to recover and click on the recover button.
Check this out.

Website: Wondershare
Download: Data Recovery Mac
Download: Data Recocery Windows