Smartphone applications have changed our lives, most of us carry useful applications that can help us day by day,; so today I bring an another useful application for your Android called Simple Weather Alert. This free application gives you the National Weather Service alerts in almost real time for your area and others, you have warnings about flash flood, thunderstorms, high winds, tornados and more warnings. To use this application the first thing you have to do is add a location, on this free version only one location can be added, but the location can be always changed at any time. If tornados are a problem for you, don’t worry because the app has enable the Emergency Notification and Override Silent Phone by default. Well, you have a plenty of choices to do on this application.
Simple Weather Alert app is available for Android only. Anyway, this application is awesome. Check this out and don’t be surprised by the weather again!!

Free Download: Simple Weather Alert (Android)

Users Manual: here