If you’re a nature lover for sure you going to like to visit the Visions of Earth! Visions of Earth is a section of the National Geographic website, this section shows beautiful and new photos every month from over the world. The navigation through this section is very easy, the pictures are setup as a slide show, you only have to use the arrows navigate through them or you can choose another option clicking in the thumbnails. You can use another option, if you want to go to the next set of slides, you can use ►| button. The pictures for this option go all the way back to January 2011.
If you want to see the Visions of the Earth galleries from previous years, you only have to select the year you’d like to view. There are Visions of the Earth galleries that date back to 2006. You have to see these picture, they are amazing!

Website: Visions of Earth – National Geographic