Castles are magnificent monuments of power and glory, they were the embodiments of military strength. They have also a magical environment; castles have always captured our collective imagination like the common image of a dragon is that of a scaly reptilian beast with ferocious features and great strength; human history is filled with stories and myths about castles, kings and queens. Castles have survived through centuries of great changes and most of them have always been among any country’s top tourist attractions, therefore castles have always inspired artists to portray the beautiful sceneries that they can give to them. So, today I bring 10 beautiful medieval castle paintings. Click on each image for full screen mode.

medieval-castle-paintings-2.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-3.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-4.jpg

medieval-castle-paintings-6.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-5.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-7.jpg

medieval-castle-paintings-1.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-8.jpg medieval-castle-paintings-9.jpg


Thanks John