Get three digital cameras and be a Digital Picasso, is easy, you can make your own in few seconds.
How to do it:

1. Find a couple of digital cameras – the bigger the viewing screen, the better.

2. Hold the cameras over crucial facial points as if you are going to take uncomfortably close-up pictures of them. We recommend eyes and mouth. The viewing screen will magnify them.

3. Take yet another digital camera and take a picture of the whole arrangement. The result is a Digital Picasso. Play around with the arrangements of the viewing screen cameras to make the Picasso even weirder. TECH NERD HINT: Try taking your pictures in macro mode, which is good for close-ups. Macro mode is usually indicated by a flower icon.

4. Send your Digital Picassos to us at, and we’ll post them.

It’s great isn’t it?

Link & Image: digitalpicassos